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Hi there! My name is Aidan Lucid. For sixteen years I’ve been writing and I know how authors want to have their manuscript perfect. You see, during my time as a writer, I’ve learned a lot from working on my own projects but also from editing other people’s work.  Reading is one of my favourite hobbies and so it’s a great joy when I can read other writers’ manuscripts and help them along their journey. I don’t just do this because of my love of the written word; I do it because it’s my goal to turn good writers into great authors by offering suggestions which will transform their manuscript into something which can be published.

What is a Critique?

A critique is where a professional reader such as myself, reads over an author’s manuscript and highlights its strengths and weaknesses, and I offer suggestions that will help improve its chances of being accepted by a publisher/agent.

Why Choose The Lucid Critique?

As an author, I know that trying to find an affordable critiquing service these days is quite difficult. Some critiquing agencies charge exorbitant fees. That’s why I set up this service so that my prices are affordable to everyone.

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Welcome to The Lucid Critique!

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