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Below are testimonials from clients who have used The Lucid Critique’s services.

“The Lucid Critique is one of those companies that is not only professional, but personal and warm at the same time. I was very pleased by their level of attention to detail and their wonderful support. You can't go wrong with The Lucid Critique."
                       - Minnette Meador, author of The Starsight Duology and The Centurion & The Queen Series

“Aidan Lucid has made himself indispensable to Bewildering Stories as an assistant editor. His critiques of submissions are incisive and constructive. Any author, especially an aspiring one, could benefit from Aidan's expertise and advice.”
                           - Bill Bowler, Coordinating Editor, Bewildering Stories

“Aidan Lucid is Ireland's answer to writers' woes.”
                            - Geoff Nelder, author of ARIA: Left Luggage

"Aidan Lucid gives far more than he takes. He is a true gentleman to deal with and he sets the highest standard of professionalism.”
    - Ali Hussein, author of Nostalgia and Al-agaila- The Camp of Suffering: A Boy’s Tale

“Aidan took valuable time from his day to review the first chapter of a book I'm writing. His critique, effort and professionalism were and are impeccable. His insight on sentence structure and ideas to capture a reader's attention are second to none and I look forward to working with him again.”
                          - Adam Poplaski, upcoming author.  

“Aidan, thank you so much for your care and attention to detail.  I am forever grateful. Needless to say, I highly recommend you to any other author.”
           - Aibhe Murray, author of Eye-Catching Eye Candy Tips

If you have used The Lucid Critique, please feel free to leave some feedback below. Thank you.
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